Saturday, 28 April 2012

True colors-Focus on the light LP Yellow

This has been a want of mine for some time. I got the very limited reissue of this on six feet under a few years ago with a different and very naff looking sleeve. I always really liked this cover anyway so grabbing an original on Powered records was a must. The reason I love this cover because it's just simplistic and almost cheesy looking sXe cover art but it works for me-I've always been a sucker for shit like that. It just reminds me of when I was a teenager having first discovered hardcore and how almost tribal it was to me after never really fitting in anywhere else and being an outcast-just having something I could relate to and feel part of. True colors were an awesome sXe band out of Belgium circa 2005-2010 who played straight up hardcore and did it almost to perfection. Unfortunately there's a lot more amazing European hardcore bands about which most people outside their home countries or regions won't hear about because they're not on any American labels. True colors were one of the lucky ones who did have an handful of releases out stateside and got the recognition they deserved. I've always missed this in the past because whenever it's turned up on ebay I've always gotten outbidded to the last penny or cent and it wasn't something I would have paid over the odds for. However good things come to those who wait and I managed to pick this up as a set sale for just £7. Originally someone beat me to the post but they flaked out and I managed to grab it after all. I'm pleased with this one-not only is the colour of vinyl very nice (I always prefer solid colour vinyl to clear coloured) but so is the sleeve-the letters are embossed, which is a nice touch. Oh, and the fact it's a fucking great record doesn't hurt either.


Mike said...

Great post...great record. I can't believe that I don't have one Powered pressing of this record.

Mark-Sandwell said...

I somehow knew you'd be a fan of this band and record Mike. Call it my sixth sense or something.

Mike said...

I own five copies of Focus on the Light...yeah, I'm a fan.