Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Helloween-walls of Jericho 2xLP repress

Yeah I admit it, I like some Helloween stuff. I already had a copy of this album but when I discovered that this double album repressing also featured the tracks off the mini LP (which I don't have) I was sold. Also there is a bonus track which was featured only on the 'Judas' 12" (which I do own0. I always loved the sleeve to this album, it's just screams 'European 80's metal'. Back on black have done us proud again. Housed in a lovely gatefold sleeve and orange vinyl, this looks the business.'Heavy metal is the law'!!!!Hell yeah.

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Mike said...

Damn right! This album rules. I remember listening to it back in '88 and thinking that it sounded so much like Judas Priest...I don't really hear those similarities anymore, but yeah, Heavy Metal Is The Law!