Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Record store day soundtracks

Ah Record store day, the one day of the year that people actually visit record shops. Even more insane they actually queue up outside them. Unfortunately a lot of chancers see it as an opportunity to make some quick cash on eBay which not what it's about. Anyway this year's list of stuff was plentiful but while most of my friends were gunning for the Rev, Misfits and Poison idea represses, I had two other items also on my list. These two soundtrack 7"s. Most people know I'm a lifelong horror movie fan and of course I have an affection for the old British films of the 1970's so I was both surprised and excited to learn of these two releases for RSD 2012. First up is a 7" single with two tracks from the 1973 classic 'The wicker man' (fuck that remake with Nicholas Cage-what the fuck is that shit all about?). The funny thing is as much as I love the film I always thought the music was bloody awful but listening to these two tracks out of that context are haunting, sublime and pretty awesome. I could even see Rise above records putting this out. It's psychedelic folk to the max. Of course having Britt Ekland on the cover is a bonus.
Nice colour vinyl. I think 500 were pressed.
Next up is a 7" with music from both 'Dracula AD 1972' (My Favourite ever Hammer flick and released the same year as I was born) and 'The Satanic rites of Dracula'. This is a great release and great sleeve too.
Cool red vinyl and numbered RSD sticker out of 666 (come on, it couldn't be anything else really).
These two are already going for a bit on Ebay which is a shame because at least two of my horror film friends were really after these but couldn't make it down early (had I known at the time I would have picked up spares). Next year I reckon they should release the theme off 'Horror hospital' or 'Living dead at the Manchester morgue'. The chances are slim but wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

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