Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bugout society-Yo baby sup LP

I first bought this back in 1993 and after one listen passed it onto someone else, well that someone recently had a big clear out of his records and gave me a load of stuff and guess what in there? Yep, this. Funny enough I had just recently listened to the 'Look at the children now' NYHC compilation LP for the first time in years and thought that Bugout society's contribution was easily the worst track on there so I didn't have high hopes when I decided to spin this again considering I thought it was shit in the first place. Well guess what? I actually quite like it. No, I'm not in love with it but I did enjoy it when I played it again. Look at the myspace page (yes they have one even though they split up years ago) and they describe themselves as a cross between Beastie boys, Ramones and Adrenalin O.D and I guess that would be about right. Silly lyrics too and the band features Bill Florio who went onto become a legend in his own right with his Max. rock + roll magazine colums. This was put on Drunken Shaolin records (great name, that!!).

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