Friday, 19 September 2008

Rise Above records package

Got a package from Rise above records last weekend. Tooks ages to come due to the delay of the Blood ceremony LP. Anyway was it worth the wait..? Hmm..I don't know. Not just for this album anyway. I've spun this once so far and I'm not that keen yet. It's got a Sabbath vibe but loads of weird organs + flutes bits. I thought I'd bought a fucking Jethro Tull record at first. Maybe I'll warm to it, you never know. Kerrang like it apparently.

Now for some men's metal. A bit like Manowar musically but with better that would be hard. Actually I do like Manowar on the quiet. Was that my credibilty just making an exit then?
This is good stuff. Their 4th album I think but the first time I've heard them. Play it loud. 200 on clear. Has a big fuck off poster with it as well.

Now here's the best of the bunch. Firebird-This is Bill Steer (ex-Naplam death, Carcass) doing late 60's/early 70's rock type stuff and it fucking rules. I've already listened to it at least 3 times. 300 on this colour I believe. Well worth hunting down. Nice gatefold sleeve too. Get this now!!!

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