Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Rudimentary Peni 7" with Neos labels

This turned up in a huge batch of records that I bought off someone last year. I didn't even know it had the Neos label at first so you can imagine my surprise.(and joy) when I found out it did. I do like early Peni stuff, their later stuff isn't really to my taste but the early stuff sounds so angry. Released on Outer himalayan records with the label from the Neos label instead on the B side.Anyways I'm not sure how many of these there were and I've tried finding out. Anyone with info, please get in touch.


Lins87 said...

Thats insane,a neos label on Rudi ep...nice score.

Unknown said...

there are no neo lables that aint peni u got ripped off

Mark Barker said...

rare mispress mentioned by pus in mrr, i want one!