Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sloth-Division 1 State champs LP

I picked this up at a gig the other week when I saw a Dutch band called Den of robbers play in Liverpool. Sometimes one great thing about distro stalls is that you can find odd bits + pieces that have been sold out for years everywhere else. I mean this stall even had some Slapaham records stuff there (which called it a day in 2001). Anyway this is where I found this little gem. Sloth are one of the power violence bands whose records are fairly collectable now. Truth be told the only thing by them I've heard prior to this was the split with Hangnail which I must have played about twice (which says something I guess) but I was interested in checking this out and it is damn fine. Brutal yet innovative and varied. Up there with the likes of Man is the bastard etc I reckon. This is a pressing of only 250 on the Paniac label. as you can see my number is 175. Love the Celtic Frost rip off logo too.

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