Friday, 5 April 2013

Uncle acid (& the deadbeats)-Poison apple 7"

This new Uncle acid record dropped for pre-order a while ago. As expected shit went crazy on the Rise above site. I got lucky on two counts-one, I actually only found out that it was going up for pre-order an hour before while dicking about on a work's break and secondly because I actually managed to bag one of the most limited versions-the clear vinyl (out of 100) along with the two other mailorder colours (200 pressed of each). Even before the records were shipped, people were already selling them on Ebay which really pisses me off as the clear vinyl was limited to one per customer so these scumbags only bought them not because they were fans but simply as a quick means of exploiting someone who had missed out. Mind you, it doesn't stop people from paying through the nose. And even though all the copies on the site sold out within a week (including the black vinyl) I found out that there are a variety of other colours available in the shops. I'm not getting into that game again. This is where my collection of this record ends.
 This is a taster for the new album and I must say along with the B-side ('under the spell') if these tracks are anything to go by then it's looking very rosy although I'm not looking forward to trying to pre-order the damn thing.
 Also it's interesting to note although the sleeve just says Uncle acid on the front, on the actual record label it still has them down as Uncle acid & the deadbeats. Weird!!!!

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Mike said...

I got the solid green vinyl from a US distributor. More and more bands are doing this kind of preview 7 inch before the full length album is released. I'm not sure if it is a cool teaser with an exclusive b-side, or a complete waste of money. Can not wait for the new album!