Saturday, 6 April 2013

No Tolerance-No remorse, no tolerance 7" Test press

Most of you should know about this band and this record already so I'm not going to get into the an depth story of one of the best 7"s of last year. Other people have done better posts about it but I will add my newly acquired  test press to the mix. When I saw Marcus' post a bit back I decided that I just HAD to get one of these even if I knew it would set me back a few quid (or bucks) so here we are. No doubt that this is probably my favourite score of this year so far. The gold on black silk screened sleeve is beyond beautiful and it comes in it's own 'test press' stamped dust sleeve (and even a lyric sheet). Seriously this is the shit and completes my collection of this record nicely. I believe 25 were made. Stoked!!!!


xReganx said...

Very nice score! Seems everyone had the same idea lol

Across Your Face said...

Whoa! Great pick up man!!!

Mike said...

Fucking solid, and I'm very jealous.