Saturday, 16 March 2013


Last year I finally managed to get hold of the original Larm 7"s. Now it's turn for the LPS. The first is the split with Stanx on Eenheidsfront Records from 1985. I had the tracks on a cute looking 10" bootleg but this was more desired. It's probably the most sought after item out of all the Larm original vinyl.

Also got hold of the 1986 LP on One step ahead records. Again , another classic release.

What can I say about Larm that I haven't already said before apart from that even though they are hailed as a highly influential and inspiring classic hardcore band by many, there's still plenty of folk who are unwise to them. Seriously, get on the case and track down the full discography CD or double LP. Or like me, you could break the bank and get the originals.

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Willem Termote said...

Nice catch, they seem to be in very good condition! Great...