Sunday, 10 March 2013

Brotherhood-Fuck racism/No tolerance 7" Blue

Another gap in the collection filled-the blue version of the Brotherhood 7" on Skate edge records. I've had a red vinyl copy for about 20 years along with a couple of copies of the 12" version  but this rarer colour has always eluded me for some reason. I nearly did a trade with someone off the Rev board back in the day but they turned out to be shady like a few that I encountered on there and in the Ads pages of MMR.
I figured it was time to grab one even if I had to pay a bit for it. Even though Brotherhood were from Seattle, they had a harder edged sound akin to the classic era of Boston HC  rather than a lot of the late 80's youth crew bands. This still holds up well today. Definitely one of the greats.

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