Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Manpig-The Great Negative LP

Deep six records deliver yet again-the greatest label for fast HC/power violence/grind since Slapaham folded in 2001. Anyway this is one I've been waiting for-it's a 2005 re-recording of a 1992 session (which was lost) with RD Davies and Matt of the mighty Infest. Anyone who knows me is aware of my long time love for Infest. This isn't quite up to the standards of that classic band but it's still essential for fans and lovers of that sound. It sounds great and the cover art is well cool too.
 On a nice red/black splatter colour, I'm sure the pressing info as Deep six put stuff out in weird numbers so it could be anything between 50-100 (I'm rough guessing no more) but whatever it is this is sold out so only boring black vinyl remains.

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