Friday, 18 January 2013

Cathedral_a new ice age 12" Green

Despite loving the first two albums I had a phase where I really went off Cathedral. It wasn’t until the surprise triumph of 2010’s awesome ‘The guessing game’ until I started being a fan again. I ashamed to say that I never got to see them live, gutted. When their last record, this 12”, dropped at the end of 2011 as their last release I was content owning just the purple vinyl version despite there being various other colours (including just 100 copies each on white and clear, which were only sold at their last show). It wasn’t until reading this month’s record collector which stated that the green vinyl copy is now worth £55 that I decided to go and grab one since my local store stil had it in. Must admit solid green vinyl records give me an hard on and this looks great, limited to 300 copies,
So these two last tracks are a great send off to a great band that were often misunderstood (even by me) .


Mike said...

Fact: I've never heard this band.

Mark-Sandwell said...

The early stuff is a good place to start. 'The guessing game' is amazing but it's an acquired taste and an album that needs a few plays before it truly connects.