Saturday, 5 September 2009

Septic death-Now that I have your attention LP Boot

Ah Septic death. I've been a fan since 1988 when someone gave me a copy of this on a badly recorded cassette (with Attitude adjustment 'American paranoia' being on the other side). I nearly shit myself when I first heard this. Anyway being a collector SD are a total nightmare. Millions of things out that usually command daft prices on eGay. Anyway I picked up this lovely looking bootleg at a show the other night simply because it was on red vinyl, It says 10/104 on the back and doing a bit of research I believe there is a even more limited quantity on blue. Anyway I recommend this release to collectors and just anyone who hasn't checked them out before (otherwise you'd own this record in some form already).


marcus said...

I never even heard this band until just over a week ago, then i downloaded this record and am really into it. Really don't want to get into collecting SD records though, i'm fully aware of how expensive their records are.

Mark-Sandwell said...

I have 2 spare copies of the origoinal release of this record if you want one.