Friday, 4 September 2009

RIP The Caribbean club.

It looks like a shithole and it was but this place has a bit of history to it. Can you believe that The Offspring, No FX, Neurosis, Rancid played there in the early 90's with some long forgotten acts like Victim's family, Lag wagon and some that have completely slipped my mind. Hell, Extreme noise terror played here in the late 80's. I think that was the first time I went there. Anyway it's finally shut it's doors. Probably a good thing it was really only a host to bad drum & bass + dance nights before the end. Anyway, goodbye to a part of Preston's hardcore/Punk past.

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The Great Tyrant said...

Ah, the scene of much Carribean Carnival inspired madness! It will be missed!

Well, sort of.