Friday, 8 January 2016

Chain of strength-True till death 7" Silver sleeve

 'I can't believe another year has gone by'. I say that on an annual basis and speaking of Chain, let's start the year off with a bang with one of my last and greatest scores of 2015-the silver sleeve version of true till death. One of the holy grails of sxe and highly sought after items from Revelation records colledisnctors. and another I never actually imagined owning. I'd be lying if I didn't say I think this is one of the absolute greatest 7"s of all time. It's everything hardcore should be-raw but passionate. The fact that they were a bunch of privileged rich kids from California without no real cares in the world doesn't come into it. This is the sound of youthful angst that anybody can relate to.
 This is the third pressing. 500 were done on clear vinyl. 300 were sold on tour and 200 had a special silver sleeve made up. Legend has it that only a few got out via mailorder (or traded if you were lucky like Marcus) and the majority of them are still holed up at the rev warehouse.
 It's funny because this is really tough to track down but at least three have exchanged hands for cash (including my copy) over the past few months. One of them was even on ebay. Usually these things pop for private sale.
 Was it worth the wait (and money)? Hell yeah, it looks lovely and this is now one of the last big money items scrubbed from my wants list. It also completes my collection of this record so here's a group picture of the lads together.

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