Monday, 21 April 2014

Cathedral-Gargoylian 7" Gold

I've been a fan of Cathedral since I heard their first album back in the early 90's. They've done some great classic records and a couple of pretty patchy ones too but any opportunity to own a new piece of vinyl and I'm there. This opportunity came up recently when I bought a bunch of doom metal 7"s off somebody I know. The cream of the crop for me me was this 7" which was released by southern lord back in 2001. I love this 7" for a number of reasons besides the two songs which are awesome and are Cathedral doing what they do best. First up on the front and back cover is a picture from one of my all time Spanish horror films 'Tombs of the blind dead'. These skeletal fiends in the pic are known as the Templars and this film and it's sequels are amazing. I urge you to check them out if you love creepy 70's Euro-horror. Also sweetening the package even further this is on beautiful gold vinyl (limited to 100). After acquiring I've learned there is a blue vinyl also limited to 100. Since I own the regular black vinyl it makes sense to chase after a copy of that. The fun never ends.

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