Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dinosaur Jr-You're living all over me LP Newbury Comics edition.

Like Marcus, Dinosaur Jr are a band that I've loved for a long time. Sometimes I even forget I'm such a fan-it's just like second nature. Although my Dinosaur Jr collection isn't as big as Marcus' (then again whose is?) I do like adding bits to mine whenever I get the opportunity. The first opportunity of 2014 came with this-a green vinyl pressing of their classic 1987 album that was only available from the legendary Newbury comics as an edition of 500 which went mega fast as you'd expect. While this isn't my favourite Dinosaur Jr album (that honour probably goes to 'bug') this is certainly one I love going back to and it has a more hardcore feel in places than any of their other stuff I reckon. This marks my third copy of this album and no, it's not enough.

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mcs said...

Looks like a nice green colour.
As much as I like this band, I'm not really interested in reissues, simply because there are too many out there. I'm trying to stick with original Homestead or SST pressings only. Which reminds me, this one was actually pressed on green by SST. I only know this because 4-5 years ago Chuck Dukowski sold a load of color SST records, and I saw this one listed on green, but without a photo. It went for a lot of money. I figured I would pick one up much cheaper at some point, but I'd never seen one before he listed one and I've never seen (or heard of) one since.