Friday, 10 January 2014

The Stupids-The kids don't like it LP Test press

Ah, The Stupids. One of my all time favourite UK bands ever. When I first got into hardcore in the late 80’s, the UK scene was really big thanks to bands like Napalm death etc. While I dug the grindcore stuff I really related to the stupids because I was more into the US HC sound and so were they. In fact they even dressed and acted American (a cardinal sin in  UK hardcore punk at the time). I didn’t agree with all their daft (and sometimes dodgy) lyrics but musically they were the shit.
 At some point a few years ago Tommy Stupid (after years of being a Drum & Bass DJ) decided to resurrect The stupids again (hey everyone else was doing it). Unlike a lot of reunions of old bands it wasn’t a disaster and their 2009 comeback album ‘The kids don’t like it’ on Boss tunage was actually rather fucking good.

 I recently managed to acquire this test pressing of said album-this is the rejected version on clear. Only 5 were made. The original album itself was released on a clear with black splatter specks so this copy feels extra special despite no proper sleeve or anything.

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