Friday, 13 December 2013

Black Magician-The Pursivant 7" Clear.

Saw Liverpool ’s Black magician destroy live again the other night and picked up their latest release, this 7”, limited to 100 on clear (the black is 400 making 500 total). It’s a wonder that Rise above, southern lord or one of the bigger labels haven’t picked this band up. It's gotta happen soon I reckon. This release is by Svart No which is an unusual label choice as they usually put out reissues of old European punk bands.
 Anyway onto the music-this is heavy shit. Imagine crushing organ-driven doom laced with just a slight hint of Celtic frost. This sounds like the soundtrack to your worst funeral. The B-side is a lot more subtle but seriously these guys are best in a live environment but this record is a must have if you love this kind of stuff.

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