Friday, 30 August 2013

Sunny day real estate-Friday 7"

This is has been on my wants list for absolutely years. I used to trade with a guy who joined the pushead fan club twice so he could get stuff for himself (a huge collector of septic death/pushead stuff at the time) and for trading purposes. I managed to bag a number of items off him (which I still have) but he’d already shifted this just before I got in touch with him in 1997.
Skip forward to 2013 and Marcus sent me a message informing me one was up on the bay. I decided it was my time and snagged it. I got it for a fairly reasonable price but got stung on the postage costs. Anyway I’m glad to finally have this in my collection.
 SDRE’s ‘Diary’ is still one of my favourite albums ever. Yes I rank it up there with ‘Those who fear tomorrow’ and ‘Reign in blood’ so obviously I like this band just a bit.
 Like all the pushead FC stuff the packaging is mind blowing . These crappy photos really don’t do it justice. A true thing of beauty.
 Thanks for Marcus for the heads up on this one. I may even trade you that boyzone test press you keep pestering me about.


mcs said...


What colour is the paper behind the dude on the cover? Looks purple in the photo.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Its like a bronze foil card. You can't really tell in the photo.