Monday, 8 July 2013

Violent reaction-City streets LP European tour Red vinyl

This is in danger of becoming a Violent reaction only records blog. When I ordered a blue vinyl UK pressing of 'city streets' on Quality control records.I found out that there were another 100 pressed up on red vinyl for the forthcoming European tour. At first I wondered if I really needed it as I had scored a red copy of the US pressing but then the collector geek snapped in me-of course I did so it just made me more determined to catch them with Hounds of hate in the UK. Apart from an amazing gig I also managed to pick one up-double win. It's more of a clear red compared to the solid red vinyl on Painkiller. So you need one basically.
 I picked up a spare copy -figuring one of my overseas comrades would be after one. No this strictly for trade not for flipping on Ebay. If anyone has a copy of the prisoner abuse LP on clear then that would seal the deal.

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Across Your Face said...

Youre way too lucky dude