Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Inside out-No spiritual surrender 7" on blue.

Always nice when you finaly get something that's been on your wants list, even better when it's a bargain to boot. This cost £5.50 off eGay which surprised me when I won it. I just left a bid, my maximum price I was willing to pay and came back to it afterwards. As luck would have it no-one had gone past my initial bid so I got it for just 50 pence more than it was when I placed the bid even though I'd put a maximum down for a lot more. Anyway what more needs be said about this classic hardcore record. We all know the singer when on to score fame in the shitty band Rage against the machine (utter wank!!) but this is still amazing. 1000 were pressed on blue and they don't pop up that often so I 'm glad it's crossed off my list at last.

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marcus said...

£5.50? Fuck! Great score!