Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dead Nation-Dead end LP on yellow.

One of the greatest hardcore LP's this decade (in my opinion) came right at the beginning of it back in 2000. (the other being the Last in Line Lp, also that year). Musically and attitude wise this was a throwback to the 80's and it felt as genuine as if it had been recorded then apart from the lyrics being about the modern age (America on line etc). The music was fast and hard (ala DRI, Neos etc) and this album grabbed you by the throat and didn't let go until it had finished. Seriously, try putting on this record without listening to it start to finish. It's that good. 200 were pressed on yellow by Deadalive records and it took me ages to get one off ebay. (I always lost). Members went onto do Tear it up but you know that shit already.

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Lins87 said...

couldn't agree more this record is a rip roarer!